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Highlights of Pollinator Pathway Stamford (PPS) projects, initiatives, educational programs and partnerships in 2022 include:


  • HERITAGE PARK NATIVE PLANT GARDEN PPS and Stamford Downtown donated native plants and worked with Future 5 high school students to plant and maintain the garden.

  • KOSCIUSZKO PARK ROCK & BUTTERFLY POLLINATOR GARDENS An ambitious rehabilitation project spanning 7 months, from invasive plant removal to planting and maintenance of over 300 native plants and shrubs. PPS is grateful for the many volunteers and partnerships, including the City of Stamford, Designs by Lee, High Ridge Nursery, Future 5, Local Residents, Master Gardener Interns, the Stamford Environmental Club, Odyssey Re, Price Waterhouse Cooper and PPS volunteers.

  • EARTH DAY PARK CLEAN-UP Over 100 volunteers helped pick-up 400 lbs of debris at Kosciuszko Park.

  • CHESTNUT HILL BIRD-FRIENDLY & POLLINATOR GARDEN After an invasive species presentation from a Master Gardener, volunteers removed and tarped Japanese knotweed. Over 12 more workdays spanning 5 months, volunteers continued with the invasive plant removal and planted 34 bird-friendly native shrubs and numerous plants. PPS would like to thank High Ridge Nursery, the City of Stamford and volunteers from The Stamford Garden Club and PPS for supporting this ongoing project.

  • COVE ISLAND GARDEN Ongoing pollinator garden maintenance.

  • GRANTS FOR PARKS PPS secured a Sustainable CT grant for Kosciuszko Park Pollinator Gardens, a City of Stamford Neighborhood Grant for Kosciuszko Park and Chestnut Hill Parks, and a CT Ornithological Association Mini Grant for Chestnut Hill Park.


  • STRAWBERRY HILL SCHOOL Helped Strawberry Hill Green Team site and plan a new pollinator garden.

  • VILLA MARIA SCHOOL Supported Villa Maria School on Earth Day project for planting pollinator friendly plants.

  • JM WRIGHT TECHNICAL SCHOOL and WESTHILL HS Consulted with schools on invasive species removal and native plant garden ideas


  • BLIGHT ORDINANCE LANGUAGE Successfully assisted Board of Representatives and the City of Stamford to amend Blight Ordinance to now allow residential meadows.


  • AUDUBON CONNECTICUT Hosted Jillian Bell, Bird Friendly Communities Program Associate, at Harry Bennett Library on how to make outdoor spaces safe for year-round and migrating birds.

  • SCIENCE CAFÉ Hosted the first Science Café with the Ferguson Library and Stamford Downtown, featuring Jason Munshi-South speaking about Stamford's urban wildlife.


  • SOUND WATERS HARBOR FEST Exhibitor at annual event. Provided education materials about pollinators, pesticides and invasive species.

  • STAMFORD MUSEUM & NATURE CENTER FARM MARKET Seed hand out and sign-up booth in August.


  • STAMFORD LAND CONSERVATION TRUST Participated in SLCT's 50-year Celebration.

  • POLLINATOR WEEK at DESIGNS BY LEE Sign-up event at Designs by Lee during National Pollinator Week.


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  • WINTER SOWING PPS successfully winter sowed hundreds of native plants, later planted in many of our pollinator garden projects and given away at events.


People living and working in Stamford have taken the pledge to be a part of the pollinator pathway by rethinking lawns, planting natives, removing invasives and avoiding pesticides. PPS pledges include residences, business properties, schools, parks and other public and private spaces.

  • 94 new residential PPS members

  • 15 new apartment and condo PPS members

  • Today, 2,092.88 acres of total public and private property are part of PPS

2022 PPS Accomplishments

Melanie Hollas & Becky Collins

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