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Welcome to the Town of Bethany
Pollinator Pathway

Please mail if you would like to join our Pollinator group!

Please follow our website for the most up to date information and events

Bethany Pollinator Pathway


Welcome to the Bethany Pollinator Pathway Page at the Clark Memorial Library!


We aim to sustain and create native plantings in Bethany for pollinating bees and butterflies that are currently under threat, joining with nearby towns to support these essential insects.

We have 3 goals:


Learning more about the importance of pollinating insects and native plants, how to identify essential plants, and about
resources for information and for buying plants and seeds.



Learning about what plants are already growing in our
many open spaces in Bethany, and whether these form the beginnings
of “pathways” through our town.


Planting and seeding native plants for pollinators,
especially to fill in “holes” in our pathways, but also to welcome the
efforts of all Bethany citizens to plant in their own yards.

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