Please take action TODAY by calling or emailing your legislators and asking them to support the bill (SB 301) that would ban the toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos. The Public Hearing is Friday March 6.  Join us in Hartford at the Legislative Office Building at 9am or send your testimony to the Environment Committee.


Dow’s pesticide chlorpyrifos has devastating impacts on our health, children’s developing brains, and our environment. The pesticide, part of a class of chemicals developed for nerve gas by Nazi Germany, has also been linked to Parkinson’s disease and lung cancer. Chlorpyrifos was banned for home use in 2000, due to its clear impact on children’s developing brains. Chlorpyrifos is also known to be extremely harmful to birds, fish and pollinators. Federal scientists have concluded this pesticide poses a risk to about 1,800 critically threatened or endangered species. Read more...  Read how Great Britain handled water contamination and insect declines from this pesticide.


After years of study, the EPA determined that there are no safe levels of exposure and was set to ban all uses of this pesticide in 2015. However, our current administration reversed the decision.


This means chlorpyrifos is still widely used in agriculture and on golf courses in CT (86% of use in CT last year was on golf courses--information obtained by this concerned mom and Fairfield Pollinator Pathway member)— putting our families, rural communities and farmworkers at risk. It use also leads to air and water contamination, and endangers the pollinators we rely on for food production.


The federal government has abdicated its duty to protect us. Fortunately, States are stepping up to ban chlorpyrifos. The state of Maryland appears to be on track to ban chlorpyrifos. Here is a recent article in the Baltimore Sun:


Hawaii banned chlorpyrifos in 2018 and now both CA and NY have announced regulatory action to ban chlorpyrifos as well. In addition the EU announced it will be banning chlorpyrifos by February 2020. We need Connecticut to be next and must ask our legislators to take action and protect our communities from this dangerous chemical. But they will only act if they hear from concerned constituents like you. And, make no mistake, Dow and the pesticide lobby will work hard to stop a bill to ban chlorpyrifos from passing. We can’t let the pesticide industry win this fight and poison kids with this brain-damaging pesticide. Can we count on you taking action?


Please call or email your State Representative and State Senator TODAY and ask them to:

(1)  Support SB 301, a ban of chlorpyrifos 

(2)  Speak with the leadership of the environment committee to express their support and 

(3)  Sign on as a co-sponsor of the bill


House Democrats – 860-240-8500

House Republicans – 860-240-8700

Senate Democrats – 860-240-8600

Senate Republicans – 860-240-8800

Not sure who your elected officials are, CLICK HERE


Sample Language for Email to Legislators: 


This link will take you to a suggested email drafted by Friends of the Earth to which you simply add your personal information and send to your legislators via their website. We have set out the text of this suggested email below if you would prefer to send to your legislator directly, with whatever edits you would like.


Dear [Legislator name],

I am writing to urge you to support a bill to ban the use of the pesticide chlorpyrifos in Connecticut this upcoming session.

Chlorpyrifos is part of a class of chemicals developed from nerve gas created by Nazi Germany. Exposure is linked to Parkinson’s disease, lung cancer and brain damage in children. It was banned for home use in 2000, but it is still widely used in agriculture to grow our food. After years of study, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determined that there are no safe levels of exposure and was set to ban all uses of this pesticide in 2015. However, the Trump administration reversed the decision.

Last summer, a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the EPA to ban all uses of chlorpyrifos. The Trump administration challenged the decision, the case was reheard by the full court, and in April the 9th Circuit Court ordered the EPA to decide by July if it would ban chlorpyrifos. The Trump administration announced on July 18th that it will not ban chlorpyrifos.

This announcement demonstrates that the Trump administration prioritizes the profits of the pesticide manufacturer Dow over our health. The agency reversed its proposed ban on chlorpyrifos after Dow delivered $1 million to Donald Trump’s inaugural committee. In addition, Trump picked Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris to head the American Manufacturing Council. 

The actions of the Trump administration signal that they are more concerned about protecting the interests of the pesticide industry than our health and environment. As your constituent I urge you to take leadership on this issue.

The science is clear: there are no safe uses of chlorpyrifos. Prenatal exposures to this chemical are associated with reduced IQ, loss of working memory, attention disorders and delayed motor development. Farmworkers and people living in agricultural communities, particularly children, are disproportionately affected by this toxic pesticide. Whenever chlorpyrifos is sprayed, it can pollute the environment and have detrimental effects on bird, bee, fish and amphibian populations.

In its latest risk assessment of chlorpyrifos, EPA scientists determined that:
•       All food exposures exceed safe levels, with children ages 1-2 exposed to levels of chlorpyrifos that are 140 times what the EPA deems safe.
•       There is no safe level of chlorpyrifos in drinking water.
•       Chlorpyrifos is found at unsafe levels in the air at schools and homes in communities in agricultural areas.
•       All workers who mix and apply chlorpyrifos are exposed to unsafe levels of the pesticide, even with maximum personal protective equipment and engineering controls.

There are effective alternatives for pest management that won’t poison our children, farmworkers or rural communities.
Given federal inaction, States have been taking the lead. Hawaii banned chlorpyrifos in 2018, and both New York and California, two of the largest agricultural states, banned it last year. Connecticut must be next.

Please support a bill to ban chlorpyrifos this upcoming session and prioritize the health and safety of our children and the environment. 

Thank you,


Sample Script for Phone Call to Legislator:


I’m calling to urge you to support a ban on chlorpyrifos, a toxic pesticide known to cause brain damage in children. Hawaii, California and New York have all taken action. We need Connecticut legislators to take action to protect their constituents now. 


Chlorpyrifos is so dangerous that, after years of study, the U.S. EPA recommended a complete ban because there are no safe levels of this pesticide. Child exposure to chlorpyrifos is associated with reduced IQ, loss of working memory, attention deficit disorders and delayed motor development. There are effective alternatives that won’t poison our children.


As your constituent, I urge you to take action on this issue by supporting a ban. Please reach out to the leadership of the Environment Committee to express your support of a ban on this chemical and your willingness to cosponsor a bill when introduced.

Thank you very much for your support.