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Pollinator Pathway


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Welcome to the Town of Shirley Pollinator Pathway!   

Shirley is a small community in North Central Massachusetts committed to maintaining our town’s rural character and natural beauty. Recent movements such as Doug Tallamy's Homegrown National Park, the National Wildlife Federation's Wildlife Habitat Certification Program, and Refugia Greenway Network all highlight the role we can play in the effort to restore critical habitat and improve ecosystem function. By making a few relatively easy, cost-efficient changes at home we can provide benefits to the environment while also fostering a rewarding connection with nature. Our yards can become places that attract and nourish birds and pollinators, help keep our waterways clean, and form a stepping stone within a larger, connected greenway network. When our efforts are combined with others nearby the impact is amplified! We are proud to include Shirley in the Pollinator Pathway Network.  

You can be part of the Shirley Pollinator Pathway!   

  • Add native plants. Native plants provide vital habitat for birds and pollinators. They are also drought-resistant, filter pollutants, and help to prevent erosion.   

  • Subtract a little lawn – reduce the size and mow less often.  

  • Avoid chemicals and fertilizers.

  • Leave the leaves - go easy on fall clean-up of beds and borders since many pollinators overwinter in leaf matter.  

  • Remove invasive plants.   

Click here to get your pollinator garden added to the pathway map. 

Join the Shirley Native and Invasive Plant (SNIP) Network Listserv to learn about local resources, educational opportunities, and events such as plant sales, seed swaps, community projects, and workshops. 

Find resources on native and invasive plants here

Contact us to sign up for the Shirley Greenway Newsletter.


Shirley Greenway Committee, Shirley Native and Invasive Plant (SNIP) Network, Catherine Rooney Designer of Greens, Nashua Rivers Wild and Scenic Stewardship Council

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