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Pollinator Pathway


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Welcome to Watertown Pollinator Pathway! We are 3 sisters that came together to create a better environment that will create a better relationship between people and pollinators. In addition,  we also want to create an excellent biodiversity for our pollinators. Since we are creating this pathway at All Saints church, we plan to make this pathway more significant. We are doing this by constructing memorials within our pathway; to recognize the lives of astounding people. For our plants, we believe it is best to use multiple perennials so even if they may last certain periods of time, our pollinators experience change and the environmental area is continuous. Hopefully, we can eventually create more spots and give recognition for areas.

All Saints Garden

To our garden, we plan on creating memorials within the garden with a weeping cherry tree as our centerpiece. Then surrounding the rest of our garden with perennials and pollinator plants.

262 Main Street, Oakville, CT 06779

To make a difference in our environment, you can do this by making your own pollinator pathway yourself. You can do this in your own backyard or you can join our journey and make a difference in Watertown.

Helpful links to create your own:  

To join Watertown's Journey :, Just email us!


Our Partners

  • Watertown Lions Club  

  • Watertown Garden Club  

  • Watertown High School Leo Club

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