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The Easton Pollinator Pathway
A Conservation Project of the Easton Garden Club

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Welcome to Easton’s Pollinator Pathway Project Portal! A learning community where we gather to learn how to create pollinator-friendly spaces! Learn about planting native plants, why  we are rethinking our lawns,  and cultivating our gardens and yards without the use of Pesticides/Herbicides. Click here to  learn more!

Many in Easton want a yard that nourishes and fosters pollinator health and a beautiful space for the kids to play, areas of privacy, and maybe even a vegetable garden. That is what the Pollinator Pathway is all about -- learning and implementing strategies for making this happen. We are here with resources and programming to help you.


Learn how removing invasive plants, re-establishing plants native to our region (see Ecotype project in resource section) and refraining from the use of pesticides and herbicides is key to providing essential food and shelter to our native pollinators and wildlife who are dependent on this delicate food web for survival. ​

Getting started: 

  • Consider adding Native Ecotype plants (those plants which have co-evolved with the pollinators in our specific region here in Easton - ecoregion 59). Attend an Easton Garden Club Pollinator Pathway event. Visit the Easton Garden Club Resource library to learn more about gardening with Natives and so much more. We are a learning community constantly updating resources. Start with what is possible for you!

  • Start this season with a planter or window box, create a meadow, incorporate native ecotype plants into your existing gardens. You may have missed us at Garden Mart 2021 but know you may purchase Ecotype Seed Truffles collections at our Easton Garden Club Holiday Wreath & Poinsettia Sale this year!


Whether you are an avid gardener and care for your own yard, hire others to do it for you, or fall somewhere in between, come learn about how to grow and thrive where you and your family are planted!  Our efforts in Easton are underway.  

Contact us to learn more or to join the Easton Connecticut Pollinator Pathway  

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