Thinking of Converting Some Lawn to Meadow? 

The Xerces Society has a wonderful guide to organically preparing a site, whether an old field, public park or your lawn.

When is the best time to seed a new meadow? After the first frost, through winter, even on snow, until early spring. 

What is the best time to mow a meadow? After the first frost, but better yet to wait until March, so birds can use the seed heads for food through the winter. More information here.


When Should You Mow Your Meadow? 

Proper timing to mow native plant meadows can protect pollinator habitat. We thank 

Dr. Kimberly A. Stoner, Department of Entomology, The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station for this fact sheet on mowing and for her support of the Pollinator Pathway Project. 



More information on Restoring Meadows from The Wild Seed Project.

Roadside restoration - Returning Native Plants to the Maine Landscape