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The mission of the Madison Pollinator Pathway Project (MPPP) is to promote awareness of the crucial roles that bees, butterflies and other pollinators play in sustaining our environment and supporting food availability, and also to support efforts to preserve, protect and develop pollinator-friendly habitats on public and private land in Madison.

Our pollinators—bees, flies, butterflies, birds—are not just interesting to look at. They are an essential part of the web of nature, the circle of life. These important organisms need places to breed, plus nectar, pollen and other nutrients such as those that milkweed supplies.

Madison residents can help build a contiguous corridor, a highway in our town for pollinators. By joining the pollinator pathway project residents can help connect their properties to land trust sites, town and state gardens and other private properties. Agreeing to be a part of the pathway will improve the environmental health of Madison by increasing the population of native plants in town and also dramatically eliminate pesticides that may move into our local bodies of water.

These efforts will have an amazing positive impact on our local environment.

Come join us!


To join the pathway or learn more, contact:
Kellie Brady

The Madison Pollinator Pathway Team has designed and planted a native plant garden at the Madison Library for educational purposes.  Girl Scout Troop 61120 built a beautiful bench and placed it in the garden for their Bronze Award. 


Ms. Brako's Eco Club students at Daniel Hand HIgh School designed and planted a native plant garden at the school.


A second native plant garden was completed at the Scranton Memorial Library by the Madison Pollinator Pathway Team.

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