CANCELLED. Science Café - Unknown Backyard Wildlife.

Melanie Hollas


Look for new date this fall!

7pm-8:30 in Kiwanis Park, 79 Atlantic Street (FREE Event)

Stamford Wild: The Known and Unknown Wildlife in Our Backyards

At the inaugural Stamford Science Café, Stamford resident and biology professor Jason Munshi-South will speak about the wildlife that shares our city. Many species have formed compelling ecological relationships with humans and our urban environments, but these animals may only be occasionally glimpsed or go unnoticed altogether. What animals share Stamford with us, and how can we face the inevitable challenges of coexistence? How do they use our urban environment? What species are likely to arrive in Stamford in the near future? How might these species even be adapting to live among us? These questions and others will be discussed at the Science Café, with a public Q&A to follow!

What is a Science Café?

Science cafés are live - and lively - events that take place in casual settings, are open to everyone, and feature an engaging conversation with a scientist about a particular topic. Science Cafés have spread around the world to encourage conversation, debate, interaction and dialogue between scientists and the public. Science cafés welcome people who may or may not typically get involved with scientific discussions, and are not exclusive meetings for scientists or science majors.