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Pollinator Pathway


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The Town of Burlington, CT has joined the Pollinator Pathway, an initiative to create corridors of pesticide-free habitat and safe food sources for pollinating insects, birds, and other wildlife. As an initial step, the Burlington Land Trust has linked with the Burlington Garden Club and the Burlington Conservation Commission to establish a pollinator-friendly habitat in our town. Our mission is to educate and spread the word to our community and private residents of the town who will commit to eschewing pesticides, controlling invasive plants which are dangerous to pollinators, and planting and conserving native plants that are favorable to pollinators in an effort to expand the Pollinator Pathway in our area. As more residential and commercial properties join this effort, quality habitat is created, allowing pollinators to proliferate. Please befriend these creatures that make life on earth possible and beautiful by becoming a new member of the Burlington Pollinator Pathway. 

Pollinators fertilize the plants in our yards and parks but also on our farms and orchards. The Pollinator Pathway project is an effort by volunteers from municipal and private conservation organizations, garden clubs, and interested citizens working together to establish pollinator-friendly habitat and food sources for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinating insects and wildlife along a series of continuous corridors. Most native bees have a range of about a half-mile, so the goal is to connect properties that are no farther apart than that. 

This project began in 2017 in Wilton. Since then, pathways have been established in over 27 towns in CT and NY and the list keeps growing! Join the effort - protect our future!

Please join us at Larson's Garden Center on Thursday April 27 from 5 - 7PM for a networking event, learn about the importance of planting native plants and reducing & eliminating the use of pesticides.  

We will have subject matter exerts to assist you with rethinking your lawn and providing you with great resources to make it all happen!


Partner Organizations

Burlington Land Trust, Burlington Garden Club & Burlington Conservation Commission

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