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Pollinator Pathway

Forest Hills, Queens

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Honestly, my pathway is very much at the beginning. I wrote to the New York City Parks and Recreation for permission to plant in an empty sidewalk bed near my house, and I did over the summer but someone ripped the flowers out. I'm hoping to get something more started again, and it would be really great if I could get others involved in my area.

Sidewalk Bed

Forest Hills, Queens, NY

I've started planting in empty tree beds near my house. The first flower I planted didn't meet with much success because some inconsiderate people pulled it out. Yet, without a yard, the sidewalk plots are what we have to try to help the bees. I've written to the New York City Parks department, and they said it's fine to plant in them. As long as there is no work order to plant in the plot, the NYC Parks department won't bother them.


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