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Please Support the Pollinator Pathway!

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Our vision is a world that celebrates and supports connected, healthy habitats for pollinators. Your donation will support our network of nearly 300 Pollinator Pathway communities--towns, cities, counties--working to plant native plants and encourage pesticide-free care of the land and a rethinking of lawn culture. If you would like to support our advocacy work to restrict neonicotinoid pesticides, please let us know by adding a note: For Pesticide Reform Advocacy Fund. Thank You!

Your support will help us continue to grow the network of Pathways connecting public and private properties to create corridors of healthy habitat for pollinators and the wildlife and human life that depend on them. Help us reach across boundaries to start and continue conversations about protecting and restoring wildlife habitat and biodiversity! Send your check payable to Pollinator Pathway to PO Box 33, Wilton, CT 06897 or Donate HERE.

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