Town Resolutions & Proclamations

Some towns have passed resolutions adopting, and urging their residents to adopt, pollinator-friendly

practices. Municipalities who lead by example can be instrumental in changing the way their residents approach lawn and yard care. Please review the town resolutions below and/or use the template and consider asking your town to pass a similar resolution to help  create healthier and more welcoming habitat for pollinators and people alike!


Many pathway groups have approached their city or town leaders—mayors or city council members—and asked if their municipality would formally join the Pollinator Pathway. The towns leaders that have done this—in Newtown, Fairfield, Weston, and Norwalk in CT for example--have had read a proclamation, such as the one here, publicly into the town record.


Sustainable CT/Windham brought this resolution to the Town Council on behalf of the Pollinator Pathways project through our town, where it was unanimously endorsed.