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Garden Tour

The Greenburgh Nature Center


99 Dromore Rd, Scarsdale, NY, USA



If you want to be inspired, this is the stop for you. The native plant meadow at Greenburgh Nature Center is a feast for the eyes, soul, and spirit. It is buzzing with life and interest 12 months of the year. Seeing this garden will inspire you. Come and listen to the story of its creation, the plants that nurture this meadow, the animals, insects, and birds that returned to this sanctuary – all at our local gem, the Greenburgh Nature Center. Enjoy the rest of the nature center while you are here.
Of interest to those who: want to create a meadow, bring a diverse ecosystem to their yard, learn about the birds, pollinators and animals that will return when you rewild, discover the plants that comprise a highly productive meadow, are interested in native grasses, love butterflies, want to enjoy this local gem.
NOTE: Please park in the Visitor Parking Lot and either walk to the Manor House enjoying plants and gardens along the way to get directions from the front desk. Or from Visitor Parking walk back toward Dromore Road and turn right at the path marked MEADOW.

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