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Garden Tour

Cos Cob Library – Strickland Brook Park


5 Sinawoy Rd, Cos Cob, CT 06807, USA


Free - No attendant onsite

Owned by the Town of Greenwich, established by the Westchester Fairfield Horticultural Society in 2000. This area was recently revitalized by the Greenwich Pollinator Pathway group with 58 native shrubs and over 200 perennials.

Environmental setting: The area situated in the front of the Library building displays a variety of species typical for foundation planting and/or a residential garden. Closer to Suburban Avenue the stream channel of Brothers Brook cuts through the site. This section of the brook receives tidal flows from the Mill Pond located the other side of Route 1. Plantings along the banks consist of drought tolerant and low nutrient tolerant vegetation.

Highlights: The front of the building is a colorful display of shrubs including evergreen and deciduous species. This mix of native and ornamental plants is quite attractive to local pollinators. The stream area improved with new perennials offers not only more color and diversity, but is dominated by native species. The corridor is a mix of different environments aligned parallel with the channel. The lower portion of the sloping banks supports a self-propagated variety of tidal vegetation, while the upper portion of the slope is planted with predominantly native shrubs and perennials. Both groups intertwine along the boundaries in harmonious growth.

Recent stream restoration done by the Pollinator Pathway group ensured the new plantings were supplemental and did not interfere with nature’s design. This area provides habitat not only for pollinators, but also a variety of birds, ducks, and other species such as rabbits, snakes and more. The soil here is very sandy so the area is nutrient poor and requires intensive watering during the summer months. The sloped setting makes storm water runoff drain rapidly while the very low moisture-holding capacity of sandy soil, limits the growth of all but the most drought tolerant plants. Brackish water influx also limits plant growth to salt tolerant species. Periodical coastal and/or stream flooding add an additional constraint.

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