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Garden Tour

Greenwich Point – Entrance Garden


Tods Driftway, Greenwich, CT 06870, USA

At the end of Tods Driftway in Old Greenwich Park, look for a planted area situated between the Innis Arden Cottage and the concession stand (old barn) - both located close to the park entrance.


Free - No attendant onsite

Owned by the Town of Greenwich, designed and installed by Peter Grunow, Gro Pro Landscaping, in collaboration with the Green Fingers Garden Club.

Environmental setting: Located within the beach/dune environment.

Highlights: This harsh coastal environment, inhabited by a very short list of plants experiences salt splashes, strong winds, lack of water and scorching temperatures during the summer months. Sandy soil holds a very limited amount of nutrients and moisture, which creates challenging conditions for most species. The well-selected and arranged plant material in the garden has proven successful in restoring this desert-like place into a colorful and vibrant destination for pollinators and beachgoers alike.

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