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Garden Tour

Greenwich Town Hall


101 Field Point Rd, Greenwich, CT 06830, USA

Gardens are in the rear of the building.


Free - No attendant onsite

Owned by the Town of Greenwich and installed by the Department of Parks and Recreation.

Environmental setting: Level terrace setting with a ledge outcrop along the edge. The area is partially paved to accommodate walkways and a small terrace with two tables. This site is a great example of what can be achieved in a small space such as a backyard area or a private enclosure for outdoor dining, meditation, relaxation, and/or simple enjoyment. Eastern exposure offers full sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon. Soils here are well drained and level except for the edge of the rock outcrops where the soil is shallow. The result is a steep slope creating the perfect setting for a rock garden.

Highlights: A beautiful display of flowering shrubs and perennials throughout the growing season — a great space to rest on a bench while observing a variety of pollinators interacting with colorful flowers. Most of the species are not native to the area but nevertheless attractive to pollinators.

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