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Garden Tour

Nature Bliss in a Quarter Acre Lot


18 Garretson Road, White Plains, NY, USA

Note that there are several steps and that there is uneven terrain in this location. OK to park along Garretson Road, on the side of the street opposite the house.



We welcome you to our little piece of nature and are honored to share it with you. We are a small 1/4 acre lot in the Lakenridge area of northern White Plains built into a striking outcrop with several native garden levels. We use only a string trimmer and electric blower to keep things tidy; no lawn mowing is required. We have planted native for many of our wildlife and pollinator friends, especially for the myriad species of insects and caterpillars. Some of the natives here include flowering dogwood, pussy willow, chokecherry, magnolia, winterberry, white oak, red twig dogwood, blue false indigo, blue stemmed goldenrod, arrowwood viburnum, mountain laurel, high bush blueberry, buttonbush, wild strawberry, wild columbine, bee balm, packera, wild geranium, mountain mint, and more. At the top level is our ‘mini Adirondack experience,’ perched within the tree canopy with views to the City of White Plains skyline.

Come take a look!

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