Where to Buy Native Plants

Ask Your Garden Center to Stock Native Pesticide-Free Plants & Suggest Plants from the Ecotype Project , available May 2020 through CT Wholesaler Planters Choice


Nasami Farm is the New England Wild Flower Society’s native plant nursery. Its primary focus is growing plants from seeds that have been collected in the wild by a team of trained staff and volunteers who research and document local sources of healthy, wild populations of native plants. It also partners with local nurseries (like Summer Hill Nursery in Madison) to grow propagated plants to retail size available for sale to the public in its seasonal garden shop.


... a wholesale, organic practice, native plant grower specializing in plants native to the Mid Atlantic Region and eastern seaboard. 

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This list is a work in progress.  Please send suggestions of nurseries selling
pesticide-free native plants to info@pollinator-pathway.org.