Welcome to the
Woodstock NY Pollinator Pathway (WNYPP)

We are a collaboration of conservation organizations, individuals and businesses dedicated to establishing a network of pollinator friendly properties in and around Woodstock that provide food sources
for insects, birds and other wildlife.

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What is a pollinator pathway?
It is a network of pollinator friendly areas spaced closely enough to create a wildlife corridor that provides habitat and nutrition for pollinators.  Pollinators are birds. bees, butterflies and other insects as well as amphibians, bats and other small mammals.


Why are we doing this?
Pollinators are critical to a healthy ecosystem providing food for animals and humans alike.  A critical decrease in pollinators is due to:
-widespread application of pesticides and other chemicals
-loss of natural habitats
-spread of invasive plants
-climate change

How to join the Woodstock NY Pollinator Pathway project?
• include native plants on your property and manage invasive species
• avoid using pesticides, herbicides and chemicals
• consider turning a portion of your lawn into a native pocket meadow
• consider leaving bare ground and dead wood for nesting native
bees and leaving autumn leaves for overwintering eggs and pupae
of pollinating insects’
• help spread the word by ordering a 6” sign showing your yard is on the
Pollinator Pathway—order here.

For further information email us at : woodstocknypollinatorpathway@gmail.com

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