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Donna Merrill


Donna Merrill is the founder of the Pollinator Pathway, driven by the desire to make a positive impact on the environment. From the initial Pollinator Pathway group she established in Wilton, Connecticut in 2017, Donna has continued to lead its transformation to a 501c3 corporation with over 340 Pollinator Pathway groups across the country.

Donna’s conservation training includes studies in Sustainability Practices at Columbia University, Land Protection Strategies at Bard College, Forest & Wildlife Conservation as a participant in the Yale Forestry Coverts Project. She has certification in Landscape Design from the NY Botanical Gardens and training in Landowner Outreach under a grant from the US Forest Service in conjunction with Yale’s School of Environmental Science. She co-coordinated the Fairfield County Regional Conservation Partnership during its expansion into Westchester County to become the newly named Hudson to Housatonic Regional Conservation Partnership (H2H). Her presentations and seminars include Collaborative Conservation, Values-Driven Strategic Mapping, Action Planning for Conservation Networks, and Collaboration Across Large-Landscapes.

Donna has served on the Wilton (CT) Conservation Commission, the Wilton Deer Management Committee, and as a Trustee and Officer of the Wilton Land Conservation Trust including 3-years as its Executive Director. She currently sits on the Board of Directors of Aspetuck Land Trust and is a Director and Officer of the Norwalk River Watershed Association.

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