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Pre-Notification of Pesticide Application to Abutting Property 

The pesticide pre-notification registry provides Connecticut residents the opportunity to be notified when their abutting neighbors have their property commercially treated with pesticides.  Persons wishing to be placed on the registry must complete and submit the Application for Inclusion on Pesticide Notification Registry.

The registry is compiled on an annual basis.  You must submit your form prior to December 31 of the current year to be included on next year's registry.  If you miss this deadline you will be placed on the registry for the following year.   

If you wish to be notified in this year and missed the prior year end deadline of December 31, you must submit your form directly to the company(ies) doing the pesticide application.  The company(ies) is(are) then obliged to notify you independently until you are on the registry.  The company receiving your form will forward it to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) for inclusion on the next year's registry.  (You should send DEEP a copy as well.) If you deal directly with the pesticide applicator companies, you must separately notify each one making applications to your neighbors' property.  

You must submit a new application annually to remain on the registry.   If you do not renew, your name will be deleted from the registry, and notification will not continue.     

Pre-notification Information    

  • Pre-notification is meant to give you time to take measures to avoid exposure.  It does not give you the right to stop your neighbors from having their property treated with pesticides. 

  • Pre-notification applies only to abutting (property touching yours) property owners. 

  • Applications to areas farther than 100 yards from your property line do not require notification, even if the application is to an abutting property. 

  • Pre-notification does not apply to agricultural application unless it is done by a commercial applicator. 

  • Pre-notification does not apply to homeowners applying pesticides to their own property. 

  • If you move you must notify DEEP by submitting a new form. The change will not be effective until the next year's registry. 

  • Registrants must put their telephone number on the application.  Abutter's telephone numbers must be included if they are listed in the telephone directory. 

  • Prenotification applies only to those abutting property owners who you list. 

Registry Form

Download the application for Inclusion on Pesticide Notification Registry here.

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