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Municipal Ordinances & Resolutions

Some towns have enacted ordinances and policies that benefit pollinators by banning the use of pesticides and other chemicals while others have passed policies and resolutions  adopting, and urging their residents to adopt, pollinator-friendly practices. Municipalities who lead by example can be instrumental in changing the way their residents approach lawn and yard care. Listed below are the actions taken by different towns, please consider asking your town to pass a similar ordinance or resolution to help  create healthier and more welcoming habitat for pollinators and people alike!

Here is a map of municipalities that have passed pesticide restrictions more stringent than those of their state government.

If your town, county, or state has legislation that should be listed, please let us know by emailing

Preemption Alert!

Municipal rights to set pesticide policy are under attack at the national level!  Congressional bill H.R. 7266 would preempt and nullify the local ordinances we are all working on passing. Tell your U.S. Representative and Senators to support communities by opposing H.R. 7266 and supporting the Protect America’s Children from Toxic Pesticides Act (PACTPA), which contains a provision affirming local authority to restrict pesticides.

Municipal Ordinances, Regulations & Policies

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