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A grassroots call to action to plant ecological networks

Protects invertebrates and habitats since 1971

National advocacy protecting health and environment with science, policy and action

Pollinator Pathway is proud to partner with, to help promote native pesticide-free habitats

Nonprofit dedicated to public education and conservation of pollinators, based in Newtown, CT.

Provide safe haven for birds in face of climate change. Native plants to Make Your Yard Bird Friendly.

A critical partner to Pollinator Pathway Northeast, creating plant lists and answering questions

Works to increase use of native plants in landscaping

Conducts groundbreaking research on exposomics and children's health

Helps protect forests, a vital habitat for pollinators

Department of Agriculture New England Pollinator Handbook - could not find this

Understanding you lawn�۪s impact on Long Island Sound

Works to create a just, thriving food system

Green Corridor connects pollinator habitat across 40,000 acres in 6 Connecticut towns

Promoting Pollinator Health and Habitat in the Northwest

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