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Pollinator Pathway

Millburn Township

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Black Long Tail Butterfly.jpeg

The Millburn Pollinator Pathway connects public and private gardens containing New Jersey native plant species for the benefit of the Millburn Township community, flora and fauna alike. Native pollinators and the native plants upon which they rely have evolved together, belong together, and together will help to restore balance to our ecosystem. Each garden comprising the Pathway provides our native pollinators, such as butterflies, moths, bees, and hummingbirds, with the plants that will attract them, provide them with food, shelter and places to reproduce. 

One of the two public gardens located in Taylor Park is designated as a Rain Garden. The other is a Monarch Milkweed Garden originally planted as an Eagle Scout Project. On Glen Avenue, across from the Locust Grove entrance to the South Mountain Reservation, can be found a mini-wildflower garden seasonally hosting a variety of pollinators. The traffic triangle at the intersection of Whittingham Terrace and Mountainview Road became a community volunteer project converting a barren space into a pollinator garden where signs informing the public about the necessity of providing native plants for pollinators can be found. 

Creating the continuity needed to comprise a Pollinator Pathway are the private yards throughout Millburn where residents continue to incorporate native pollinator-friendly plants into their yards and eliminate the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides. Through ongoing outreach and with community support, the Millburn Township Green Team continues the work to grow and strengthen the Millburn Pollinator Pathway in order to provide our pollinators with the habitats they require to survive and thrive, thus creating a healthier environment for us all.


Partner Organizations

Millburn Township Green Team, Millburn Environmental Commission, The Short-Hills Garden Club & Millburn-Short Hills Chamber of Commerce

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