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September 2023 Newsletter

Fern Galperin & Melanie Hollas


On the good news front, Stamford recently hired professional consultants on invasive plant species. They will survey all  parks over one acre and create a GIS (geographic information systems) map and they will also help with strategies for dealing with these alien invaders. On the not so great news front, we are seeing more spotted lanternflies in our area. These pests are capable of wiping out vineyards and orchards. Look for information on identification and eradication tips. Also, learn about mugwort, volunteering opportunities and upcoming events.

Most importantly, please help send a message to your Congressional leaders about the pernicious amendment the pesticides lobby successfully inserted into the 2023 Farm Bill currently in committees. If enacted Stamford's successful pesticides ordinance would be in jeopardy. Read the September newsletter. 

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