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North Salem Pollinator Pathway

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The North Salem Pollinator Pathway is an initiative taken by North Salem Open Land Foundation (NSOLF, and its partners in hopes of engaging and educating the North Salem community about the relationship between native plants and pollinators. Our goal is to maintain a pollinator-friendly environment by creating a corridor of interconnected properties – both private and public – that encourages the use of native plants and supports and promotes biodiversity.


We are working with a number of local community-based groups to ensure we are able to reach all corners of North Salem. Some of our partners include the Ruth Keeler Memorial Library, North Salem Conservation Advisory Council, North Salem Improvement Society and North Salem Community Gardens as well as our very own NSOLF Preserves.


Please join us in our endeavor to attract bees, butterflies, birds and insects by planting native plants on your property. It can be as small as a container garden or as big as a meadow. If you would like to be a part of the Pollinator Pathway, please email

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North Salem Open Land Foundation 

P.O. Box 176

North Salem, NY  10560


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