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Southington's Pollinator Pathway

Our vision for Southington is to have pollinator-friendly plantings along the length of our Linear Trail and at the majority of homes, businesses, and public spaces in town. When butterflies, bees, and other pollinators can fly from one end of town to the next, finding food and cover along the way, then we will have a successful Pollinator Pathway.


Southington’s Pollinator Pathway will not only benefit pollinators, it will make our yards and public spaces healthier for families, pets, and other wildlife, and it will increase the natural beauty of our town.


There are only 3 requirements to join Southington’s Pollinator Pathway:

  1. Plant native plants

  2. Go pesticide free

  3. Rethink your lawn (consider organic fertilizer, leave clippings on your lawn, convert some lawn area to native plantings, leave some leaves in beds for overwintering insects, provide clean water for pollinators and birds)

Southington’s Pollinator Pathway is sponsored by The Southington Land Conservation Trust, in partnership with the Town of Southington Open Space Committee, Arts for a Cause Pollinator Garden, and the Orchard Valley Garden Club.

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