Pollinator Pathway

Welcome to the Bridgeport Pollinator Pathway - a work in progress!

Anchor Gardens

Blue Star Garden, St. Mary's by the Sea, Black Rock

The Blue Star Garden, a native pollinator garden on the shores of Ash Creek, where it meets Long Island Sound, , was established by the Black Rock Garden Club, to honor service members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Black Rock Home Gardens

Members of Black Rock Pollinator Partners have been adding native plants for pollinators and birds to their yards. More and more of our lawns are being replaced by native gardens, meadows and habitats. The native "meadow" along both sides of the fence includes ironweed, mountain mint, sneezeweed, beardtongue, milkweed, goldenrod and monarda. The brand new wildlife habitat pictured contains witch hazel, winterberry, serviceberry, elderberry, chokeberry, ninebark, foam flower, monarda, asclepius, amsomia, meadow rue and more.

Geraldine Claytor Magnet Academy

Claytor School students have been planting milkweed, asters and boneset around the swale in front of the school.

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Partner Organizations

Ash Creek Conservation Association, Black Rock Garden Club, Black Rock Neighborhood Revitalization Zone, Black Rock Compost Company, Business Owners of Black Rock, Downtown Special Service District, Waterfront Advisory Board/Trust for Public Land

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