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Pollinator Pathway


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Lyme Pollinator Pathway, established February 4, 2021, aims to help Lyme residents and friends establish and connect pollinator-friendly habitats that provide food sources for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. We are an initiative of the SustainableCT Lyme Team, which is an appointed committee of the Lyme Board of Selectmen. 

1. Email us at to be put on the Lyme Pollinator Pathways email list. No need to have a garden to join us. We will notify you about upcoming volunteer opportunities and educational events. And we will respond to specific questions. 

2. Visit our webpage:

3. Follow us on Facebook to learn more! 

4. Register your patch to be put on the map of Lyme organizations and individuals working together to establish patches of pollinator plants and pathways between them. 

Is my garden located along the Pollinator Pathway in Lyme? The entire town of Lyme is part of the pathway, so if your patch qualifies as pollinator-friendly, you can sign up. 

How do you know if your patch qualifies as pollinator friendly?

 Check out the great information on this website.


Featured Pollinator Meadows:
1. Lyme Town Campus, 480-482 Hamburg Rd. (Rte. 156): A demonstration pollinator garden is on the town campus near the Lyme Public Library, nurtured by the Lyme Garden Club. Plantings are near the driveway and are handicapped accessible.
2. Sue Cope Meadow, Riverside Preserve, Salem Rd.: Visit the 1-acre meadow at Riverside Preserve, Salem Rd., Lyme. Easy to access, a 600 foot path loops through the native wildflower meadow. Enjoy the picnic table in the small pavilion on the site above the Eightmile River.
3. Hartman Park Field, Gungy Rd.: The field at Hartman is mown once a year to maintain the meadow wildflower habitat. A short walk from the road, there are bluebird houses and several ancient and gnarly high-bush blueberry bushes
4. Pleasant Valley Preserve, MacIntosh Rd: The Cedar Grove meadows at Pleasant Valley Preserve, a favorite for birdwatchers, displays beautiful native wildflowers from early spring until frost. It is an easy half-mile walk to get to the cedar grove.
5. Reed Landing Rain Garden, Old Hamburg Rd: Two demonstration native plant gardens were installed by volunteers in 2022 and 2023 on the banks of the Eightmile River.

Connect Lyme! Team leaders are Wendolyn Hill, Diana Fiske, Jim Arrigoni, Rochelle Davis, Sue Hessel, Rich Melchreit, Cecilia Lins-Morstadt, Caitlin Vickers, and Tink Willauer.


Town of Lyme, SustainableCT, Lyme Garden Club, Lyme Land Trust, Lyme Public Library, UCONN Master Gardeners Program, Friends of Whalebone Cove, The Lymes Senior Center

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