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Pollinator Pathway


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Streetside Heritage Garden

The garden demonstrates the beauty of shrub steppe native plants and low-carbon, local materials through a simple design that balances ease of movement with ample planting space. The garden is divided into four beds based on soil type – Standard, Sandy, Lithosol, and Sunken (water-needier plants), showcasing the diversity of shrub steppe habitat and ensuring plants are in conditions that support their thriving. 

The garden was highly inspired by Brad Lancaster’s work (, but adapted to the native ecology of Eastern Washington’s shrub steppe. The garden features local basalt stone sourced from roadsides and a dairy a few miles out of town and urbanite (reused broken concrete) salvaged from a sidewalk on the same property and other sites. More information and other projects by the garden's designer can be found at

Street Address: 1118 Playfield Ave., Prosser WA, 99350


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