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Cheshire Pollinator Pathway

Our PP work began in 2019. Since then, we've done community presentations, online and in-person, grant work, ash tree removal, site clearing and prep, planting a "summer splash" annual swatch to hold interest and the planting of native shrubs. . 


The garden is located across from the Lock 12 Historical Park on North Brooksvale Road in Cheshire.


Our main planting area will get underway in spring 2021. Our designer is Kathy Connolly of Speaking of Landscapes, LLC.


The BIG news for us is that the Cheshire Land Trust will formally transfer ownership of the Pollinator Pathway garden to the Coalition for a Sustainable Cheshire this week. CSC has been with the garden from the first shovelful of dirt and feels strongly about creating more of these along the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail.

Pollinator Pathway Sunday Sept 13 planti
J and K at the PP garden.jpg
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