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Plant a Pollinator Garden

Plant a wide variety of native plants that bloom from early spring into late fall. Refer to recommended plant list - Native Pollinator Plants

Rethink your Lawn

  • leave the clippings on the grass as fertilizer rather than adding chemical

  • consider the use of slow-release organic fertilizers if you fertilize

  • plant native plants (they attract beneficial insects that get rid of pests)

  • no need for pesticides! this means a healthy lawn for your children and pets too!

  • leave some leaves in beds for overwintering insects, mow the rest and leave them to help fertilize lawn

Use Safe Pesticide Methods

There are many alternative methods to tackle pesticide challenges.  Visit our Protect our Pollinators for more information.  

Participate! Join us in planting pesticide-free pollinator gardens in Newtown

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