Greenwich Pollinator Pathway

Goals, Projects & Maps

Our goal is to create a corridor of contiguous pollinator-friendly properties which connect existing open spaces, stream corridors, forests, parks, private gardens and natural fields. 

Basic Criteria for Creation of a Pollinator Pathway:

  • Connects large natural areas.

  • Addresses ecological and physical needs of the site.

  • Ensures proper plant density to suppress invasive species growth.

  • Uses predominantly native, hardy/drought-tolerant plants that meet pollinator requirements.

  • Maintains the areas pesticide/herbicide-free and uses predominantly organic soil amendments. 

The First Mile-Long Pollinator Pathway in Greenwich

Pollinator Garden Certification Program and Mapping

A new certification program was design to identify all the pollinator friendly properties in Greenwich. A group of experts will evaluate each garden while sharing an advice on maintenance and site enhancements. Each certified area will receive a special marker and will be featured on a map of pollinator friendly places. Mapping of these gardens will provide a useful display of areas which are easy to connect with new pathways and also indicate areas where more work needs to be done to support the habitat.

Please contact us at to request a certification for your very own garden. We will appreciate your participation and support in restoration of the steeply declining populations of pollinators. Combined efforts will make the difference!!!