Irvington Pollinator Pathway Project

The Irvington Pollinator Pathway Project is a collaboration of the Greater Irvington Land Trust, the Green Policy Task Force, the Friends of the Irvington Library, the O’Hara Nature Center and a wide range of Irvington residents and land owners.  Our mission is to (i) engage and educate our community about the relationship between pollinators and native plants, (ii) promote public awareness about the crucial role that pollinators play in sustaining our environment and supporting our food chain, and (iii) support efforts to preserve and protect both public and private open space throughout our Village.


We are working with a wide range of groups to develop pollinator-friendly gardens throughout the Village that support native plants and promote biodiversity.  We have also established a Living Classroom Series, which invites in speakers to address topics of interest for the community.


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Living Classroom Series

As the next event in our “Living Classroom Series,” the Pollinator Pathway Project and the Irvington Green Policy Task Force are presenting a talk and walking tour of the Demonstration Gardens at the Irvington O’Hara Nature Center (the “ONC”), 170 Mountain Road, Irvington.  The ONC, at the northern end of the newly created Irvington Woods Park, is a truly special venue, offering a beautiful setting to learn about, appreciate and commune with nature.  See


On Sunday, June 30, 2019, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., Peter Strom and CJ Reilly will provide walking tours of the grounds of the ONC, including the ten Demonstration Gardens and the new Pollinator Hotel just built on the grounds.  Peter and CJ, who have been responsible for creating and developing the Demonstration Gardens at the ONC over the last three years, will talk about the design of each of the Gardens, the detailed educational materials they have created about the plants in the Gardens, and their strategies for developing the overall grounds of the ONC as a Living Classroom for our community.  See 


Peter Strom is trained as an arborist, is accredited by the American Society for Horticultural Science and the Northeast Farming Association of Connecticut and is the owner of Strom Holt, an organic landscaping company in Ossining, New York.  CJ Reilly recently received his Masters from Teachers College, Columbia University, and from September 2018 to May 2019 was working with the U.S. Peace Corp in the Philippines as a Rural Development Specialist and Educational Developer.


This Living Classroom Presentation is part of the “Summer Days at the ONC”, a four-day event presented by The Irvington Woods Committee and the O’Hara Nature Center.  Thanks also to Joe Archino and the Parks Department Staff for making this event possible. 


Light refreshments will be served.


This will be a wonderful event, and I strongly encourage everyone to come.  We look forward to seeing everyone there.