Irvington Pollinator Pathway Project

The Irvington Pollinator Pathway Project is a collaboration of the Greater Irvington Land Trust, the Green Policy Task Force, the Friends of the Irvington Library, the O’Hara Nature Center and a wide range of Irvington residents and land owners.  Our mission is to (i) engage and educate our community about the relationship between pollinators and native plants, (ii) promote public awareness about the crucial role that pollinators play in sustaining our environment and supporting our food chain, and (iii) support efforts to preserve and protect both public and private open space throughout our Village.


We are working with a wide range of groups to develop pollinator-friendly gardens throughout the Village that support native plants and promote biodiversity.  We have also established a Living Classroom Series, which invites in speakers to address topics of interest for the community.


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Seeds and Weeds

Tuesday, September 22, 2020, at 7:00



Rivertowns Pollinator Pathway Project is presenting “Seeds and Weeds”, a talk about using the wild diversity of native seeds and native plants to build resilience in our environment.


On Tuesday, September 22, 2020, at 7:00 p.m., Aubree Keurajian will do a ZOOM presentation about how we can change our local environment – rewilding our yards – by working with the natural forces at play instead of against them.  She will talk about how, by looking at the ways that wild ecosystems change over time, we can better understand how to create a naturalistic environment in our own space, no matter how small.  She will discuss the importance of locally sourced seed, the concept of guild redundancy, why to embrace native "weeds", and the establishment and encouragement of seedbanks, both natural and human-maintained.  She will explore how these elements work to maintain genetic diversity and allow an ecosystem to react to environmental changes.  


Aubree Keurajian is an ecologist.  She has a bachelor's degree in the Science of Natural and Environmental Systems from Cornell University, and currently runs Ungardening Native Plants, a restoration ecology consultation service and native plant nursery striving to bring restoration to small scale homeowners and others often excluded from these conversations.  See  She is a member of the Connecticut Native Plant Working Group, and is working with the CT chapter of the Northeast Organic Farmers' Association's Ecotype project.


Because we are doing this as a scheduled ZOOM presentation, we need to have folks pre-register for this event using this link:


Register here:   


Please feel free to forward this announcement on to others.  Several days before the scheduled date for the presentation, I will send around the actual ZOOM Invitation.


This will be a timely and creative presentation.  We look forward to seeing everyone there.