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Do Yourself (and Our Pollinators) a Favor and Tune into Digging in the Dirt

By Cathy Smith

After listening to a few episodes recently of the WPKN Radio Show Digging in the Dirt with host Kevin Gallagher , I kept asking myself - how did I, an avid gardener and nature lover, not know about this amazing show before? Digging in the Dirt is devoted to digging a little deeper into issues related to the environment, gardening, farming and food. In fact, Kevin considers himself an environmental information activist with a mission to help people reconnect with nature.

Kevin has worked at WPKN, a listener-supported radio station in Bridgeport, CT, for over 20 years. Several years ago he says " I decided that what I really wanted to do was to start talking about what interests me most – which is gardening and farming and how to improve and how to get better at it." So he started Digging in the Dirt, and at last count he's logged over 120 programs.

"I try to do big picture stuff – the serious issues that are facing our planet," says Kevin, "along with the little stuff that we’re doing in our own backyards, and I think it’s all intertwined."

A long-time environmentalist – he traces it back to visiting Sequoia National Forest with his father as a child – he believes that we have become disconnected from nature at our personal and global peril. Through his show he’s aiming to nudge people to reconnect with the natural world . And he hopes they’ll encourage their kids to dig in the dirt too – starting young is the best way to ingrain a sense of respect, awe and ultimately empathy for the natural world.

You can listen to my interview with Kevin now. And then make sure to check out the Digging in the Dirt archive to hear lively conversations with environmentalists, climate change activists, organic gardeners and more. Recent guests include Doug Tallamy, author of Nature's Best Hope and Bringing Nature Home, Seed Huntress Sefra Alexander and Pollinator Pathway's own Louise Washer.

Kevin also invites you to become more Earth-aware with his weekly feature Gaiagram, "environmental headlines from around a planet in crisis".

So tune in! It just might be the smartest thing you do today.

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