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For all you iNaturalist Nerds...

Or even if you haven’t ever used iNaturalist, this NPR podcast gives the interesting backstory of this important plant and insect identification app. Listen here.

"Have you ever seen a weird bug or plant and thought, “Oh my God. What is THAT?” Then iNaturalist, a Bay Area invention, is the social platform for you. Begun as a graduate school project at UC Berkeley, it now receives hundreds of thousands of monthly submissions from nature enthusiasts across the globe. Users post photos of what they have seen and where they found it, and fellow citizen scientists, and often actual, scientists help identify the flora, fauna and habitat... ow the site is going independent with the help of a $10 million grant. "

Learn more about iNaturalist on their website and check out Pollinator Pathway's very own iNaturalist project here!

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