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Neonics, the Toxic Truth: The Pesticides Threatening Bees, Birds, and Human Health

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Join the Pollinator Pathway and NRDC for a talk on the science behind threats posed by neonicotinoid pesticides (“neonics”) to pollinators, biodiversity, and our own health as well as neonics’ surprising prevalence in our environment. The popular pesticides contaminate soil, water, and plant life on a nearly unprecedented scale, driving mass losses of birds and bees, and raising alarm bells for a whole host of wildlife, clean water, and human health. The webinar will also provide information on legislation we can impact—most importantly right now the New York Birds & Bees Protection Act— a New York bill that would eliminate the vast majority of neonics entering New York’s environment by prohibiting wasteful and unnecessary neonic uses, and could serve as model legislation for other states. Join us on Zoom Dec 1, 6:30 PM eastern time to hear from our speakers and learn how your community can help protect pollinators from these pesticides. Register here.


Dan Raichel is Acting Director of the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Pollinator initiative, which focuses on protecting our nation’s bee populations from the ever-growing threats to their health and existence—in particular, the use of bee-toxic pesticides. Raichel was formerly co-director of NRDC’s Community Fracking Defense Project and an advocate for the cleanup of industrial pollution in the New York region.

Dr. Kathleen Nolan is a pediatrician, President of the Physicians for Social Responsibility, New York Chapter, and Senior Research Director at Catskill Mountainkeeper. Over the past three decades, as a doctor and bioethicist, she has served Ulster County and the Catskills by focusing on public health and the environment—playing an important role in achieving New York State’s pioneering ban on fracking by helping to compile and provide data on health harms associated with the practice to decisionmakers. Kathy majored in philosophy and theology at Saint Louis University and graduated with honors, and received her medical degree, along with a Masters of Studies in Law, from Yale University.

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