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Recording of Our Latest Webinar on Efforts to Ban Neonics

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Join the Pollinator Pathway for an update on state's efforts to restrict the use of neonicotinoid pesticides. Speakers cover the science behind the threats posed by “neonics” to pollinators, biodiversity, and our own health as well as neonics’ surprising prevalence in our environment. These widely used pesticides contaminate soil, water, and plant life on a nearly unprecedented scale, driving mass losses of birds and bees, and raising alarm bells for a whole host of wildlife, clean water, and human health. The webinar also provides information on pending legislation we can impact.

Speakers: Dan Raichel, Acting Director of the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Pollinator initiative, and Dr. Kathleen Nolan, President of the Physicians for Social Responsibility, New York Chapter, and Senior Research Director at Catskill Mountainkeeper, who joined us last year for a talk on neonics.

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