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The West Haven pollinator pathway project will join open space and neighbors together as our community installs native plants that will support pollinator in our community. Bees are essential to our environment and our food supply not to mention they support the propagation of flowers and other plants. Native plants also support caterpillars which provide food to migrating birds.

The West Haven Pollinator Pathway  well help our community increase the biomass of native plants. We plan to have a bulk order of plants available in the future depending on the support from our municipal government,  local businesses,  environmental grants, benevolent patrons, and other local sponsors.

The project will succeed when lots of neighbors get involved and get excited about improving our natural world. Possible sites include schools, public parks, open space, and businesses with available land  not to mention our own backyards.

The plan is to obtain 100 orders that will cover 200 square feet each about ten by twenty feet. If you want to plant more or less that can be worked out.

To learn more call David Carr at 203-877 2704 extension 400826.

Or visit our Facebook page West Haven Pollinator Pathway.    @pollinatorpathway06516

Pollinator Pathway West Haven CT
$5000 Matching Grant

Deadline - April 23, 2020

The Project

This project aims to install pollinator friendly plants in parks, open space, school yards and backyards.  David Carr, on behalf of is seeking broad support from the community, asking residents, local businesses, and other organizations to suggest locations, donate money and volunteer time to make the project a reality.  

People who donate will have a say in where the plants are installed, so we seek community based organizations and local businesses to get involved. Raisng money is the first step.  We hope to have sponsors of food and entertainment to host community planting party in May 2020  where people will come pick up their plants and have some fun!