The West Haven pollinator pathway project joins open space and neighbors together as we learn about the importance of pollinators supporting our environment, prepare sites, then install and support perennial native plants that will attract pollinators. Hummingbirds, butterflies, moths, beetles, flies, bees, and wasps are essential to our environment and our food supply, not to mention they support the propagation of flowers and other plants. Native plants also support caterpillars which provide food to migrating birds.

Pollinator Pathway West Haven is working to increase the biomass of perennial pollinator plants in West Haven CT as part of a commitment to education, sustainability, quality of life, and community building.

On March 11, 2021, your West Haven team identified new sites after installing over 600 plants at Sandy Point, Brett Watt Park, Marginal Drive, South Street, Lake Street, Abbott Park, and Bradley Point in September, 2020.  An additional $950 was reserved to fill in these sites after we saw the initial progress in the Summer of 2021.

We hope our Marginal Drive site will connect members of likeminded groups in New Haven as well, since we all recognize our open space assets are community anchor values. More people recognize the planned value of quality outdoor recreation life spaces and open space conservation in perpetuity.     

In April 2021 We received a commitment from our municipal partners in Public Works to build new installations at Contac Park and the Ora Mason Library baseball Field. We have prepared and established about 2000 sqft at Contact Park, but have not completed covering the Ora Mason Field with cardboard and woodchips today (8/9/21), 


In May 2021 volunteers installed 46 bare roots shrubs (shoots about 2 feet tall), 22 at Hubbard Farms, with others at the Boardwalk and Main Library.

We are currently seeking a commitment from the Main and Ora Mason Library and schools, possibly starting a greenhouse and propagation program. Other sites may include Third Ave, Blohm Street, Helm Street or something in your neighborhood or yard. Installation in parks and open space are great in a southern facing exposure as well. Sites close to traffic are not ideal.


The project’s organizer David Carr is calling on our amazing community to join this initiative by following us on Facebook and volunteering to help, maintain or create an installation.

We plan to have 50/50 match$10,000 Grant crowdfunding opportunity in the Winter of 2022, as long as we have twenty people committed to helping with the project of installing about 4000 2 inch plugs, since we do not want any individual to shoulder too much responsibility.  Metal Signs are available to purchase for $5 each.


The  will join open space and neighbors together as our community installs native plants that will support pollinators in our community. Pollinators are essential to our environment and our food supply, not to mention they support the propagation of flowers and other plants. Native plants also support caterpillars which provide food to migrating birds.

The West Haven Pollinator Pathway will help our community increase the biomass of native perennial plants that support pollinators/

To learn more call David Carr at 203-877 2704 extension 400826.

Or visit our Facebook page West Haven Pollinator Pathway.    @pollinatorpathway06516

To learn more reach out to David Carr:

 203-877 2704 extension 400826.

or Follow us on Facebook

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Pollinator Pathway West Haven CT
$5000 Matching Grant

Deadline - April 23, 2020

The Project

This project aims to install pollinator friendly plants in parks, open space, school yards and backyards.  David Carr, on behalf of is seeking broad support from the community, asking residents, local businesses, and other organizations to suggest locations, donate money and volunteer time to make the project a reality.  

People who donate will have a say in where the plants are installed, so we seek community based organizations and local businesses to get involved. Raisng money is the first step.  We hope to have sponsors of food and entertainment to host community planting party in May 2020  where people will come pick up their plants and have some fun!