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3914 SR 92 N

~15 mature flowering dogwood (Cornus florida) added
~10 maturing black gum trees (Nyssa sylvatica) added
Various red and white oaks added
one mature red oak... naturally occurring
One mature serviceberry...naturally occurring
6 added serviceberry
Several naturally occurring black cherry
5 added white pine (one mature)
Naturally occurring staghorn sumac
Naturally occurring pagoda dogwood
Grey dogwood added (saplings)
Two sapling American linden
Several naturally occurring elderberry
5 spicebush added
2 added hackberry saplings
Naturally occurring blackberry
Naturally occurring black raspberry
5 added sweet fern
Several added meadowsweet
1 added steeplebush (Spiraea tomentsoa)
3 added beech
3 added tulip tree (2 saplings, 1 maturing)
3 added hemlock (2 saplings, 1 maturing)
3 mature sugar maples (naturally occuring, several seedlings)
2 added silver maple 1 maturing, 1 seedling)
Several elm, naturally occurring mature
Sandbar willow (seedling)
4 added winterberry holly (Ilex verticillata)
3 added witch hazel
1 added pinxterbloom azalea
Highbush blueberry
Lowbush blueberry
Sycamore (1 mature and one sapling--naturally occuring)
Musclewood (Carpinus caroliniana)
(Others, I'm sure I've forgotten)
Various native wildflowers and grasses
Iris versicolor (added)
Nymphaea odorata (added)

3914 SR 92 N
3914 SR 92 N
3914 SR 92 N
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