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Welcome to the Naugatuck Pollinator Pathway

at Gunntown Passive Park and Nature Preserve



Gunntown Passive Park and Nature Preserve, Gunntown Road , Naugatuck,  CT 06770

This diverse 44 acre area. It is pesticide and herbicide free. The meadows (2) are loaded with indigenous plants, brown eyed Sudan’s, fleabane, canary grass, Kentucky blue stem grass, multiflora rose, honeysuckle, autumn olive, black berries, black raspberries, milkweed, dianthus, coreopsis, poke weed, Indian hemp, lupine, dog woods , Indian blanket, and more. We use ‘Picture This’ app for ID.
There is a Northern Hardwood swamp with a path through wetlands with bridges going over the wetland areas. It is very shady here as compared to the meadows in bright sun shine. In this wooded area are trilliums, Canada mayflowers, jack- in-the -pulpit, skunk cabbage and more.


There are many diverse species specific plants here. Many noticeable dragonflies and butterflies of various varieties are found here.  Milkweed patches are abundant for Monarch eggs. We are included in a project with Michigan State University called ‘Regrow Milkweed’. Connecticut is one of 13 states registered with milkweed patches.

Gunntown passive Park and Nature Preserve is supporting many pollinators with the variety and acreage of flora found in the meadows and woodlands.  The Long Meadow Brook flows and winds through here and is a watering station for pollinators as well as wildlife.

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