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Join Us Sept. 10 - Kosciuszko Park Pollinator Garden

Fern Galperin


Media Advisory

August 29, 2022


Melanie Hollas / Becky Collins

Fern Galperin

Communications Director

Pollinator Pathway Stamford

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Pollinator Pathway Stamford: Kosciuszko Park Pollinator Garden Project in Stamford, CT

Mayor Simmons will visit to thank everyone for the hard work they have put into the gardens

Who/What:  High school students from Future 5 and volunteers from the local community will help with this ongoing project to plant and water hundreds of native plants, under the direction of Pollinator Pathway Stamford (PPS) and UCONN Master Gardener Interns. Initiated by PPS in partnership with the City of Stamford, PPS spearheaded the garden design, scope of work, fundraising, and fostered community partnerships for volunteer assistance and planting materials. The PPS Kosciuszko Park Project started in April 2022 and will continue through October 2022.

When: Saturday, September 10th 10:00am – 2:00pm, Mayor Simmons ETA  12:15pm

Where:  Kosciuszko Park, Stamford (southern point, past the meadow to the gardens)

Why:  In 2012 Superstorm Sandy destroyed a good portion of the southern tip of Kosciuszko Park which is located outside the hurricane barrier. The walking path had to be restored and protective rip-rap (stone supports) installed where once there were native shrubs and a perennial rock garden. On top of the damage, the disturbed soils were the perfect vectors for invasive plant species to take hold.

Pollinator Pathway Stamford embraced the opportunity to work with the City of Stamford to remove extensive invasive species and re-establish the rock garden and nearby monument garden with native plantings that support a variety of pollinators (bees, butterflies, and birds.) PPS also plans to install pollinator signage. The city continues to help PPS remove and maintain the invasive species growing in the rip-rap along the walking path. The restoration of the southernmost gardens complement an ongoing project to rehabilitate the 2.5 acre meadow at Kosciuszko Park.

Why are native plants so important to pollinators? Native plants have co-evolved with native pollinators and provide vital food sources and habitat for pollinators throughout their life cycle. 30% of our food production depends on the work of pollinators. When established, native plants have deep root systems that during storm events help stabilize soils, filter pollutants from entering the watershed, and can withstand periods of drought.

Kosciuszko Park is a unique environment for migratory and sea bird conservation. Native plants will help transform this coastal area into a habitat where birds will flourish.

Note:  This project has been funded through a Sustainable CT matching grant campaign. PPS surpassed our $3000 goal to raise $3,375 from 44 patrons that Sustainable CT matched to double the funding. For the project details please visit:!/

PPS has also been awarded a Neighborhood Grant from the City of Stamford.

About Pollinator Pathway Stamford:

Pollinator Pathway Stamford is a community group, part of a growing national group of volunteers working together to establish pollinator friendly habitats and food sources for bees, butterflies, birds and other pollinating insects and wildlife along continuous corridors. For more information, go to or search Instagram and Facebook using #PollinatorPathwayStamford.

About Sustainable CT:

Sustainable CT is an initiative of Eastern Connecticut State University’s Institute for Sustainable Energy that inspires, supports, and recognizes sustainability action by towns and cities statewide. The Community Match Fund — supported by the Smart Seed Fund, Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation and the Connecticut Green Bank —provides a dollar-for-dollar match to donations raised from the community, doubling local investment in projects. Anyone can lead a project and ideas can be proposed at any time.

Have a great idea for a public project in your community?

Contact Sustainable CT: Joseph Dickerson,

About Future 5:

Future 5 is a Stamford nonprofit which provides useful resources and experiences essential to high school students to make the transition to post-secondary education and careers.

Contact Future 5: Fridda Fernandez,

Additional Community Partners with Pollinator Pathway Stamford’s
Kosciuszko Park Pollinator Garden Project:

City of Stamford: Kevin Murray, Paul Longo, Erin McKenna, Elise Coleman

Designs by Lee Inc.

High Ridge Nursery

Odyssey Group

Villa Maria

CT Audubon


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