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Newtown Pollinator Pathway

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The Newtown Pollinator Pathway is sponsored by Protect Our Pollinators. We are a non-profit group that seeks to increase awareness of threaten pollinator species, encourage planting of native plants, encourage the elimination of harmful pesticides and provide safer alternatives.

The Pollinator Pathway initiative is supported by the Newtown Forest Association, Newtown Conservation Commission, Newtown Environmental Action Team, The Garden Club of Newtown, Newtown Horticulture Club, Town & Country Garden Club, and the community of Newtown.

Our goal is to create a corridor of contiguous pollinator-friendly properties in Newtown that includes public open spaces and adjacent private ones belonging to residents.

All town residents should consider taking part in the Pollinator Pathway initiative because bees and butterflies need plenty of floral resources that provide nutrient-rich pollen and nectar.

Protect Our Pollinators is proud to be leading the effort to establish a Pollinator Pathway in Newtown.

We thank all of the organizations who are supporting this important initiative.

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For more information on the Newtown Pollinator Kickoff event:

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For more information on native pollinators: Native Pollinators


For information on where to purchase Native Plants: Purchase

Ways that you can help: Get Involved

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