Call to Action: Help us celebrate and support the Ecotype Project!

Updated: Jan 11

A new source for seeds and plants native to the Ecoregion 59, the Northeastern Coastal Zone, produced on local farms from seed wild-collected by botanists across the ecoregion.

  • Order seeds for your garden or for larger restoration projects from

  • Please ask your local nursery to stock Ecotype Project plants now available from Planter’s Choice wholesale supplier.

Pollinator enthusiasts, regenerative gardeners, and conservationists can now find a source of locally grown, native, wildflower seeds: a much-awaited contribution to our northeastern ecosystem. It is a good season for it: early winter holidays are the perfect time for sowing native wildflowers.

Eco59: a farmer-led seed collective has launched its first season of sales. Catalyzed by the work of the Pollinator Pathways and CT NOFA’s Ecotype Project, a group of farmers have been working together, learning to grow a new crop: seeds of regionally appropriate wildflowers, called ecotypes, for pollinator habitat restoration. The new seed compan