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Pollinator Pathway Northeast Featured in Winter 2021 Issue of 2 Million Blossoms

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

We're delighted to report that the Winter 2021 issue of 2 Million Blossoms features an in-depth story on the Pollinator Pathway Northeast by freelance writer and nature lover Greta Burroughs. Launched in January 2020, 2 Million Blossoms offers readers 100+ pages of insight, exploration, science, and how-to's along with gorgeous illustrations and photographs, all dedicated to protecting our pollinators. Click here to read Pollinator Pathways: Restoring an Ecosystem.

If you enjoy it, you're bound to love all the content in this beautiful quarterly publication. Until March 31, 2 Million Blossoms is offering all Pollinator Pathway members and Buzz readers a special discount on annual subscriptions. To subscribe, go to 2 Million Blossoms, click on the Subscribe tab and enter discount code POLLINATORPATHWAYS for $5.00 off when you check out. Applies to both digital and print subscriptions.

Then get ready to pedal along the migratory route of monarchs, learn how to provide nesting habitat for solitary bees, chase bees through the desert to find rare sources of water, become a better beekeeper and active steward of the environment, explore mountain ranges and vast prairies in search of pollinators, and adventure far without ever leaving your home.

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