Pollinator Pathway


Welcome to the Darien Pollinator Pathway! We are a part of the larger undertaking to create a corridor of adjacent properties—private residences and public spaces—that provide safe habitat for birds, bees, butterflies and other insects. Our goal is to make Darien one big pollinator pathway with private, commercial and municipal spaces being pesticide free and hosting native plants. Darien borders Stamford, New Canaan, Norwalk and Long Island Sound, making our town a potential source of connectivity to neighboring Pathways and the Atlantic flyway! Darien's Parks & Recreation Commission recently resolved to launch a pilot program to maintain Casey Field at Cherry Lawn solely with organic materials as part of a multi-year plan to phase out chemicals in Town parks. The Darien Beautification Commission has created large native plant gardens at Town Hall and maintains them without synthetic chemicals. The Town will also maintain its recently acquired 16 acres at Highland Farm pesticide-free, and has received a $92,000 grant to plant native trees, shrubs and plants at the property. Many residents too have taken our pledge and are incorporating native plants into their yards. These efforts can make a huge difference to our pollinator numbers and will help improve the quality of our Town's air, water and soil. We hope that you will join the fun!

Anchor Gardens

Town Hall

Native Beds at Darien Town Hall planted by Darien Beautification Commission and the Darien Pollinator Pathway

Tilly Pond

A native plant garden in a partly sunny location at Tilly Pond Park

Add your property to the Pollinator Pathway and take the pledge to maintain a healthy, natural landscape and make your garden a pollinator habitat. Stop by the Darien Nature Center and buy a yard sign that proclaims your commitment to our pollinators!

Can you go one step further and join the Kiss My Grass - Goodbye program? If you keep areas of lawn for its own sake (not used for playing or entertaining for example) we would love you to kiss that grass goodbye and come take some native plants from us to put in its place. Yes, we will be giving plants away as long as supplies last! We cannot guarantee to fill all the space you make but we can give you a good foundation and as you become more attracted to the plants and realize all you are doing to help our environment and our climate, we can help you source more plants or grow them yourself from seed. Simply email us with photos and dimensions of the lawn area you have removed and information as to conditions (e.g. sunny, shady, wet, dry) and we will provide some appropriate plants.

Our Partners

The Darien Pollinator Pathway is an initiative started by the The Darien Nature Center, The Garden Club of Darien, The Gardener's Center and Florist, Darien Library and the community of Darien

For more information mail us at darien@pollinator-pathway.org or friend us on Instagram and Facebook.