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Pollinator Pathway

Fishers Island

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The Fishers Island Pollinator Pathway, launched May 2024, aims to help Fishers residents and friends establish and connect pollinator-friendly habitats that provide food sources for bees, butterflies, moths, birds and other pollinators.   

  • Email us at to be put on the FI Pollinator Pathways email list. No need to have a garden to join us. We will notify you about upcoming volunteer opportunities and educational events. And we will do our best to respond to specific questions.   

  • Register your garden/property on the map of Fishers Island organizations and individuals working together to establish patches of pollinator plants and pathways between them.    

  • Follow us on Facebook at FI Pollinator Pathway   

Q: Is my garden located along the Pollinator Pathway on Fishers?  

A: YES! The entire Island is part of the pathway, so if your patch qualifies as pollinator-friendly, you can sign up.   

Q: How do you know if your patch qualifies as pollinator-friendly?   

A: Simply identify some pollinator (and/or native) trees, shrubs, perennials, wildflowers on your property and list them when you join the Pathway.


Our Partners

Henry L. Ferguson Museum 

Fishers Island Conservancy

Contact to learn more!

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