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Pollinator Pathway

Lamoille County

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Lamoille County is experiencing rapid population growth and property development of land that once fed birds, bees, butterflies, bats, and other “pollinators.” Pollinator Pathway of Lamoille County (PPLC) partner with like-minded groups and individuals to support their plummeting numbers, because their survival is essential to ours. PPLC members are collaborating with schools, municipalities, homeowners, renters, nonprofits, and business owners on planting projects. While all flowers feed wildlife, the key is choosing native species that our native pollinators evolved to feed on. From a minimum of two potted native plants to acres of native plants, PPLC’s goal is to close the growing gap between feeding waystations in Lamoille County and beyond. We want everyone to feel that they can make an impact – and to have a ton of fun in the meantime.

PPLC steering committee meetings happen the third Monday of every month from 5:30 to 6:30 PM.  The location changes, so please email us in advance at to find out the location. Towns represented include Morristown, Stowe, Hyde Park, and Cambridge. If you are a resident of Johnson and Eden, we need you too.

Some ongoing projects we and our partners have undertaken include: revitalizing the Copley Rock at Oxbow Park; creating an educational garden at the Rail Trail Kiosk; teaming up with landscaping businesses and private gardeners to add natives to existing landscapes. Please send photos of your native plant garden with captions identifying the plants and their location. We will add them to this page and create a bigger buzz about the pollinator pathway.

Email for more information.

Photo Credit: Wesley Skidmore

Morrisville community garden at 257 Portland St.

This plot contains asters, common daisies (Bellis perennis), foxglove (digitalis purpurea), cone flower (Echinacea), cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis), yarrow (Achillea millefolium), low-bush blueberry, and comfrey.  The Community Garden plot holds native species we are saving for future joint projects by PPLC and MACC (Morrisville  Alliance for Culture and Commerce).  These include the Copley Rock garden at the entrance to the Oxbow and the Kiosk Garden where V-Trans and the Rail Trail come together beside the river.

Feel free to visit, but please do not touch the foxglove, which can be toxic.  According to Mt. Sinai Hospital, "Foxglove poisoning most often occurs from sucking the flowers or eating the seeds, stems, or leaves of the foxglove plant. If you or someone you are with has an exposure, call the local emergency number (such as 911), or the local poison center can be reached directly by calling the national toll-free Poison Help hotline (1-800-222-1222) from anywhere in the United States." (,of%20medicines%20made%20from%20foxglove.)

Condolences go out to all the gardens destroyed during the recent flooding.

Copley Rock Garden and Kiosk Garden

The Copley Rock garden, lovingly planted by MACC and PPLC members in 2023 and then partly destroyed by flooding, has been rehabilitated.

The nearby Kiosk garden is located just outside Oxbow Park, where the V-Trans and Rail Trails meet in a 30' zone overlooking the Lamoille River.  In 2023 MACC members did an inventory of native plants in early spring and launched a pruning party to shape what will be an educational garden and resting spot for trail hikers and shoppers at surrounding businesses.  Fruit trees and berry bushes planted by MACC members in 2023 are flanked by a colorful collection of birdfeeders.  The kiosk now provides seating and educational signage.  Look for PPLC's brochure at the Kiosk.

Hyde Park Projects

Elsa French Park in Hyde Park erupts in a wildflower mix rich with poppies, bachelor's buttons, and other annuals underplanted in 2022 with perennials planted by Bee The Change and the Hyde Park Energy Committee.  Keep an eye out for a cozy bench at the end of the winding mulch path.

Plant Shopping:  Below is a short list of When shopping for native plants in and close to Lamoille County.

1.  Morrisville, VT:  Cady's Falls GardenNote:  Was a nursery but is now a garden open to the public.  Specializes in rare native plants, shrubs, and trees.

Address:  637 Duhamel Road, Morrisville, VT 05661



Hours:  10 AM - 5 PM by donation.

2.  Jeffersonville, VT:  The Farm BetweenNote:  Self-described "Certified organic fruit farm and nursery that specializes in hardy and regionally appropriate fruit trees, etc."

Phone:  802-355-2000


Address:  3727 VT-15, Jeffersonville, VT

Spring Hours (late April through May):  9-5 Fri.-Sun. or by appointment.

Summer & Fall Hours (June through October).

3.  Greensboro Bend, VT:  Lynette's Native Plants, Etc.Note:  Native plants, shrubs, trees, etc.


Phone:  802-533-9836

Address:  281 The Bend Rd, Greensboro Bend, VT 05842

Hours:  Fri. 10 AM - 4 PM; Sat. - 10 AM - 4 PM.  Sun. & Mon. - by appointment only.

4.  Wolcott, VT:  Elmore Roots NurseryNote:  "Specializes in specializes in cold-hardy fruit trees, nut trees and berry bushes."

Phone:  802-888-7668


Address:  759 Symonds Mill Road, Wolcott, VT 05680

Spring Hours:  Tues. - Fri. - 10 AM to 5:30 PM.  Sat. - closed.  Mon. - Closed.  Sun. - 10 AM to 5:30 PM.

Summer & Fall Hours: Sun. - 10 AM to 4 PM; Mon.:  Closed.  Tues.: Closed.  Wed.-Fri.:  10 AM - 4:00 PM; Sat.: Closed.

Learn more about native plants here -


Our Partners

Lamoille County Conservation District 

Stowe Land Trust  

Morrisville Community Gardens 

Morrisville Alliance for Culture and Commerce 

Hyde Park Energy Committee 

Vermont NRCS

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