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Pollinator Pathway

Lamoille County

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Lamoille County is experiencing rapid population growth and property development of land that once fed birds, bees, butterflies, bats, and other “pollinators.” Pollinator Pathway of Lamoille County (PPLC) partner with like-minded groups and individuals to support their plummeting numbers, because their survival is essential to ours. PPLC members are collaborating with schools, municipalities, homeowners, renters, nonprofits, and business owners on planting projects. While all flowers feed wildlife, the key is choosing native species that our native pollinators evolved to feed on. From a minimum of two potted native plants to acres of native plants, PPLC’s goal is to close the growing gap between feeding waystations in Lamoille County and beyond. We want everyone to feel that they can make an impact – and to have a ton of fun in the meantime.

PPLC steering committee meetings happen monthly in Morrisville and are open to the public. Towns represented include Morristown, Stowe, Hyde Park, and Cambridge. If you are a resident of Johnson and Eden, we need you too.

Some ongoing projects we and our partners have undertaken include: revitalizing the Copley Rock at Oxbow Park; creating an educational garden at the Rail Trail Kiosk; teaming up with landscaping businesses and private gardeners to add natives to existing landscapes. Please send photos of your native plant garden with captions identifying the plants and their location. We will add them to this page and create a bigger buzz about the pollinator pathway.

Email for more information.


Our Partners

Lamoille County Conservation District 

Stowe Land Trust  

Morrisville Community Gardens 

Morrisville Alliance for Culture and Commerce 

Hyde Park Energy Committee 

Vermont NRCS

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