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Pollinator Pathway


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Black Long Tail Butterfly.jpeg

Middletown Pollinator Pathway strives to encourage property owners in the Middletown area to manage their landscapes organically and with native plantings, so these properties can connect parks and preserves, creating crucial corridors for wildlife. 


Our membership includes representatives from the town's sustainability committee, garden club members, and conservation and urban forestry commissions. We meet as needed to plan public events and support related efforts to our mission. These activities include speaker forums, public information kiosks, planting parties, invasive plant removal, and advocating for pollinator friendly landscapes in public places. We are hoping to expand our efforts to collaborate with neighboring towns. 

As we move forward we plan to connect with other organizations along the Connecticut River valley to combine resources and collaborate on activities to expand the pathway.

Middletown Pollinator Pathway Activities


Middletown Garden Club

Middletown Conservation Commission

The Rockfall Foundation

Jonah Center for Earth and Art

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